Training & Course Schedules for 2019

Aeroconsult Aviation Ltd is one of the topmost aviation training schools in Nigeria. It offers the following courses in the 2019 course year…

Schedule for Year 2019 courses

 A         FULL TIME programmes

           Flight Dispatcher/ Flight Operations Officer Course (BASIC)                                N=250,000.00

          Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer Course (ADVANCED)                       N=300,000.00

          Flight Dispatcher Refresher Course                                                                               N=180,000.00

          Cabin Crew (Ab Initio) Training Course                                                                       N=150,000.00

          Cabin Crew Conversion Course (B737 Classic)                                                           N=  85,000.00

          Cabin Crew Conversion Course (HS-125-800)                                                           N=  80,000.00

          B737-200 Type Training (Maintenance)Initial/Refresher Course                        N=900,000/250,000

          B737-300/400/500 (Classic) Type Training (Maintenance) Initial/Refresher N=900,000/250,000

          Senior Cabin Crew Supervisory/Pursers Training                                                    N=  80,000.00


B         Part time/Evening programmes are available for the following:-

          Air Cargo Operations/Management Course                                                         N=  95,000.00

          Basic Aircraft (Maintenance) Technicians Course (BATCO)                            N=300,000.00

          Basic Aircraft (Maintenance) Technical Course (BATCO) Refresher             N=150,000.00

          Basic Gas Turbine Engines                                                                                      N= 100,000.00

          Basic Pressurized Airframes                                                                                    N= 100,000.00

          Aviation Induction Course (Introduction to Aviation)                                       N=   95,000.00

          Aircraft Maintenance Licence Preparatory Course (Avionics)                          N= 800,000.00

          Aircraft Maintenance Licence Preparatory Course                                              N= 800,000.00

(Airframe & Powerplant)



 Quality Management Systems for Airlines                                               February

Aviation Stores Management                                                                       March

Airworthiness Course                                                                                     April

Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Control                                                 May

Quality Auditing Techniques                                                                        May

Airline Technical Records & Document Control Systems                      June

Material & Logistics Management                                                              July

Aviation Library Management                                                                    August

Quality Management Systems for Airlines                                               September

Quality Auditing Techniques                                                                      October

Aviation Stores Management                                                                     November



Specific dates to be notified as applicable when due.

Interested participants/organizations should please send their contact details, i.e name/telephone/e-mail address at least two weeks ahead to Aeroconsult’s e-mail address for confirmation of specific date of particular course(s).

 The following Courses and others are available on demand with specific dates to be arranged with respective clients.