To All Our Esteemed Customers


Owing to the prevailing economic situation in the country and with our uncompromising resolve to maintain and even surpass the present quality of our deliveries, we shall commence a new price regime in the fees charged for our
Professional Development Courses beginning from 1st July, 2017.
We have resisted and contained the pressure to increase the fees before now, in spite of the harsh economic situation in which we have been operating. The present price regime which can no longer sustain our programme delivery came into existence about 10 years ago.
Consequently, all courses in which we currently charge N75,000 shall attract N95,000 per participant while other courses on N90,000 shall attract N120,000 per participant.
We promise to continue to give our best as we are known for in the development and training of aviation personnel.
Thank you for your understanding.




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