Our Services


Services offered by Aeroconsult Ltd cover a wide range of aviation business including:
Professional development courses, seminars, workshops and conferences
Approved Training Centre for Flight Operations Officer/Flight Dispatchers and Cabin Crew
Staff training and development
Recruitment of human resources, executive research/manpower development, feasibility studies, air transport economics and planning, market studies.
Aircraft and spare parts sourcing, spares and logistics support.
Design and construction of Jet A-1 depot facilities, aviation fuel sourcing, storage, transportation, quality control, marketing, in-to plane delivery service.
Aircraft management – operating and managing aircraft for their owners.
Engineering evaluation of new or used aircraft.
Airworthiness advisory services, safety oversight audits, airline safety audits.
Development of operations and engineering manuals, maintenance programme development.
Engineering services – modification design services, engineering advisory services, aircraft inspection and audits, engineering design and programme management services, facility development.
Damage assessment, aviation failure analysis, accident investigation and accident prevention programmes.
Aviation appraisal for financial institutions, advising banks on bank loans for aircraft acquisition and monitoring the technical operations of the airlines to provide banks with necessary information on their interests.
Aviation appraisal for insurance cover or claims, advising underwriters on matters affecting aviation insurance.
Engineering representation – providing ethical representation for high-end high quality manufacturers and suppliers and facilities.
Airline organisation and management.